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Lei Lo Mo is an insult only used by the Chinese. This insult is also known as Your Mother in english. Lei Lo Mo is a commonly used in the Chinese culture and it has now slowly begun to spread westwards to ward the Indian cultures
Josh: Rishi, I always hear you use the term Your Mother.
Rishi: Yes, it's such a good word
Josh: Well, there is a better way to say it.
Rishi: How?
by curry_king April 03, 2005
The ultimate combination of Yoshwin, Mohit, Shrividia and Mamta which is the deadliest insult in man kind.
A: You're a faggot...
B: You''re a Yoshrivmatit!
A: Gay Sex Now!
B: You're a Yoshrivmatit!
A: Good Game I go die
by curry_king April 01, 2005
The ultimate combination of Yoshwin, Mohit, Shirvidia and Mamta which makes it the ulitmate insult in man kand.
A: You are a faggot.
B: Shut up you are a Yoshrivmatit.
by curry_king April 01, 2005
Curry_King is the nickname of a fat boy who lived in Hong Kong and moved to New Jersey. His name was given by his Indian friends so that it could start some beef with the Pakistanis
my name is curry_king what is your name?
by curry_king April 01, 2005
Rub Bup Bup interprets everything. It can be a noun, an pronoun and shit like that. It is only used by curry_king. It's used to insult, and especially annoy people. The word was made up during an english period, when a bird was making the noise RUB BUP BUP the entire week during its mating period. Curry_King responded the bird, RUB BUP BUP and the bird responded back.
curry_king: RUB BUP BUP
j_c: RUP BUP BUP, wowowowowowowow
by curry_king April 03, 2005
It originiated from a pakistani boy, named Hassan back in the old school days in primary school. It is verbally used to diss, humiliate and annoying the shit out of you. Curry_king has become the successor to use the term once Hassan left Beacon Hill School.
Hassan scored a goal! He goes up to Tim

Hassan: NAP NAP ZIP ZAP and tickles his chin

Tim: you're so gay.......
by curry_king April 03, 2005
The world's 2nd greatest insult, Mohit. This word is a killer once expressed. The insult can also be found in the combination of Yoshrivmatit. It is commonly heard when boys play the game Defence Of The Ancients.
DOTA: MEGA KILL! curry_king just pawned burning vapour for a 145 gold!

Josh: Shit! What the fuck!

Gary, Rishi and Ronald: YOU MOHIT and points at Josh.
by curry_king April 01, 2005

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