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1. See "sexy" in a real dictionary.
2. "Sexy" for idiots that can't spell, or think that corrupting the English language makes them "mod" or "hip" or "alternative" or "crunk" or "swell" or "bitchin" or whatever the hell the kids are saying these days. This concept is also evidenced by the gradual substitution of "z" for "s" in plural noun forms.
"Words" like seksi corrupt the English language and make our children dumber by the generation because people are forgetting how to write properly.
by Curmudgeon September 09, 2005
Any user of an online forum or bbs.
The silly 4rum kiddies thought they could poast goatse pictures without being caught.
by Curmudgeon July 06, 2003
having one's fortune bled dry by an entourage of false friends who feel entitled to what is "theirs"
(name of athlete or celebrity) was posse whipped into bankruptcy.
by curmudgeon December 10, 2012

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