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A student union of promiscuous socialists who think they own and control York and women. Comprised predominantly of sexist powertripping manwhores, they coerce and manipulate female unionists into having secret 'relationships' and unprotetected sex with them perpetuating the increasing coincidences of the herpes virus. Everyone has pretty much slept with everyone else. Many of them are playing numerous women at the same time. They destroy their victims lives mentally and emotionally.
Women 1: Hey. Did you hear that Brad coerced and manipulated Jessica into having a secret relationship and sex with him by giving her drugs?

Women 2: No I didn't. When did this happen? Isn't that date rape?

Women 1: About a year ago. It is indeed date rape. He was seeing other women as well and having unprotected sex. He dumped poor Jessica into the trash when he had his fill. She is mentally and emotionally damaged now.

Women 2: wow. Poor thing. She never said anything about it. I hope she survives this. Brad is a fucking manwhore. Those socialist men think they can get away with anything. Talk about having a power trip and screwing over someone. Talk about his morals being different than his politics. Scum dogs cupe 3903 men are.
by cupevictims February 22, 2012

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