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An awesome band from Chicago. They have some really great songs but it all went down the toilet with the song "Hey There Delilah." Don't get me wrong, its a beautiful song but with that one song a bunch of burn-outs started claiming the loved the Plain White T's even though that's the only song they've ever heard.
Burn-out: I love the Plain White T's!
PWT's fan: What's your favorite song from "Every Second Counts?"
Burn-out: "Hey There Delilah" duh!!!
PWT's: Have you heard "Come Back to Me?"
Burn-out: No
PWT's fan: How about "Figure it Out?"
Burn-out: No...
PWT's fan: "Friends don't let friends dial drunk?"
Burn-out: Uhhh... what???
PWT's fan: Exactly. You don't even know who the Plain White T's are so shut the fuck up bitch!!!
by cupcake_eater March 30, 2009

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