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The act of placing ones cock on another mans possessions and then revealing this fact after/during use of said property.
Hey man ... how does that sandwich taste ? because when you went downstairs it was involved in some turkish gunplay.
by culinarythug February 05, 2010
the very first time you jerk off after breaking up with your girlfriend
i havent came like that since my declaration of independence.
by culinarythug February 05, 2010
an individual lacking in intellectual prowess
look at that door knob licker on that harley wearing that cowboy hat sporting a mccain - palin t-shirt , ill bet he's a christian.
by culinarythug February 08, 2010
Canada's History is what a women births out of her vagina into the stanley cup after at least six socialized doctors ejaculate inside of her consecutively while using an unnecessary amount of maple syrup as lube.
Canada's History! The end result?! A Celine Dion Concert!!!!!!!
by culinarythug February 05, 2010
a queef or fart yet to be expelled
i cant fuck right now i have a cave dweller
by culinarythug February 05, 2010
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