2 definitions by cubsfan0147

This grotesque act takes place when one individual deficates into the funnel while the other individual blows into the tube at the end of the funnel. When the feces is blown back to the other partners anus, it is known as the Baltimore Backdraft.
Due to her incredible lung capacity, she was able to send crap all the way to the ceiling, making me think twice before preforming the Baltimore Backdraft again.
by cubsfan0147 October 15, 2009
The South Dakota Slider is preformed the same way as the Baltimore Backdraft. However, instead of blowing the feces out of the funnel, the individual runs out of air, and the feces slides down his/her throat, usually resulting in vomiting.
I had to call into work today telling them I was sick, hopefully they do not find out I was sick form a South Dakota Slider.
by cubsfan0147 October 15, 2009

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