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When someone has done something highly embarassing, but it is equally as hilarious. Has its origins in the British tv show, "I'm Alan Partridge".
A: Hey, John just ran into that big pole over there!
B: You've gotta laugh when you fall off your sofa!
by cubey4000_the next generation November 19, 2006
A teacher who believes that a school's uniform policy is the Bible, and treats it this way. Offenders of the uniform are practically shot on site.
A: Hey, I'm wearing jeans when I shouldn't!
B: Don't get caught by Mr Teacher, he's a real uniform nazi!
by cubey4000_the next generation November 19, 2006
A political ideology where there are more than one communist parties in a single state, and the people elect which dictator they want for a period of time. Origin: a portmanteau of communism and democracy.
A: I really like the Worker's Party Number 47.
B: Yeah, but I'm not going to elect them because the rate of pay they're offering is only $9.76 an hour. Worker's Party Number 12 are offering $11.22 an hour and only minimal cover-ups and media censorship.
A: Ah, this is comocracy in action!
by cubey4000_the next generation November 19, 2006
Portmanteau of 'commercial' and 'rock'. A band, and/or style of music, that has a few tracks off an album played ad naseum on a commercial Top 40 station, and most other tracks played on a real music station (one that plays good music).
A: Do you like Jet?
B: Nah, they seem to crock.
by cubey4000_the next generation November 19, 2006

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