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A REALLY rich town in New Jersey. Basically Millburn, but with a different zip code and train station. True, the town is filled with JAP, posers, sluts, assholes, etc. but not everyone is like that. There are plenty of nice people here. Only about half of the kids are little stuck up spoiled brats. The rest of us are actually decent people. We're still spoiled, but compared to the rest of the town we're losers. Personally, I despise about 3/4 of the people in my school because they think that because their daddy is richer than everyone else, they can do whatever the fuck they want. The rest of the world has to stop hating on us, because its not our fault our parents were successful and we live in this town. Living in this town is actually kind of a bad thing because WE HAVE NO IDEA HOW THE REAL WORLD WORKS!!!! So stop hating on Short Hills, because we're are not at all what you think we are.
Non-Short Hills Resident: Hey, where do you live?
Short Hills Resident: Short Hills, why?
Non-Short Hills Resident: That can't be possible.
Short Hills Resident: Why?
Non-Short Hills Resident: You're so nice and down to earth...no one from Short Hills is like that.
Short Hills Resident: Where have you been getting your information?? Only most of the town is like that!!
by cttbsl2011 January 12, 2011

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