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(adj.) To have an exceedingly creative/bold/innovative appearance, attitude or idea to where it's almost shocking and very conspicuous. Referring to the designs & fashion shows of the late great Alexander McQueen or the themes therein portrayed. It may also be used literally, if one is directly referencing one of McQueen's masterpieces in their outfit, home décor or other artistic medium. This may be achieved through the use of snake skin, tampon strings seen through skirts, plaid, bird elements, iridescent fabrics, exquisite tailoring, etc.
McQueen people seldom leave home without a specific and, sometimes attention grabbing, outfit make-up style. If this ever does happen, they are undoubtedly leaving to find inspiration.

Screaming like a tropical bird during a song while others would 'throw a grito' is VERY McQueen

For an astronomy project, I McQueenly represented the moon onto a second-hand blazer using sand and bright green gems and acryllic paint; I passed.
by csports286 August 06, 2012

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