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3 definitions by csonka

Rimlet--The little ring of hair around a woman's anus.
Look at that hot red-head in the porno, she even has a red rimlet.
by csonka June 02, 2004
11 4
Frombe---A term used to describe a woman that you want to have sexual intercourse with but only from behind (doggie-style) due to her unappealing face.
Look at that girl witht he nice ass, she is definately a frombe.
by csonka June 02, 2004
12 13
It is an acronym for Fat Upper Pussy. Fups occur when a woman's mid-sections protudes from her stomach down into her vulva area.
I could sqeeze by that lady, her fup was in the way.
by csonka March 24, 2007
5 10