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leftover guy or girl who has been in past relationships but has not learned anything from their mistakes. all they have gotten out of past relationships is to not trust people and accuse people of false things. guy or girl who is a pain to be in a relationship with because they have so much past baggage and have not learned new social skills to maintain a good relationship.
Peter keeps accusing Sally of cheating on him when she is not. Sally finally had to break up with Peter because he is such a leftover.
by crystal_t_3000 June 29, 2010
leftover guy or girl with a lot of emotional baggage, bad social skills, and a distrustful nature to the point of not being able to maintain a healthy relationship.
Wanda thought Eric was a great guy until he started accusing her of stuff his old girlfriend did. Wanda had to dump Eric because he was such a leftover.
by crystal_t_3000 June 29, 2010
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