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A phrase to refer to a girl when you can't remember her name, similar to what's-her-name. Also the feminine version of what's-his-nuts.
What's-her-tits left her shit here again, I hate it when she does that!
by cryinghill May 28, 2005
A phrase to refer to a guy when you can't remember his name, similar to what's-his-name. Also the masculine version of what's-her-tits.
You want tix to the show? You should talk to what's-his-nuts -- y'know the guy, Mark's roommate.
by cryinghill May 28, 2005
Statement of complete ambivilence. Often used as a bland response to a statement that is neither good nor bad nor particularly interesting.
Dave - I worked on a boat once. Jenny - Isn't that squiffy.
by cryinghill May 24, 2005
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