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Phelikulefelia is a condition females can suffer from which makes them only attracted to men with moustaches.

Reference: How I met your mother.
When am I gonna kick this phelikulefelia
by crudent October 21, 2009
Used when you are having trouble with technology.

SkyNet derives from the Terminator movies, and is here used as reference to technology.

If your phone, computer, televesion etc. freezes.
Shit we missed the train by 2 minutes. Fucking SkyNet!

My WiFi is down... Fucking SkyNet!
by crudent February 07, 2011
The word derives from a combination of the words "Insane" and "Ridiculous".
You want to run down Copenhagen naked? Dude, thats insanulous!
by crudent June 19, 2009
When passing a marijuana joint amongst friends, there will sometimes appear disruptions in the correct "chain of passing".

When this happens the person who is to pass the joint to the correct person, is allowed to take a puff of the joint as "toll" for sending it on to the correct person who's turn it actually is to smoke.
Q: "Dude it's not your turn, why are you smoking?"
A: "Chillax dude, i'm just taking a tollpuff."

Q: "Would you pass it on for me?"
A: "For sure - tollpuff!"
by crudent June 30, 2009
Special class busses, that looks like regular yellow school busses yet have a shorter length.
"Dude, your driving sucks so much you should be driving a tard waggon."

Also seen in the movie "Roadtrip"
by crudent June 15, 2009
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