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Crazy Motherfuckas that do kiddiepools of cocaine from tha crackmobile and get crunk as Fuck.
Oh you know Scrub Squad is going to be at that party.
by crosk November 03, 2011
A species of bear that is super cuddly that plays COD and masturbates frequently.
Husband: Honey is that a V-Bear?
Wife: No, it couldn't be.
Husband: No, I am pretty sure that's a V-Bear
Wife: How do you know?
Husband: Because that bear is jacking off!
by crosk December 01, 2011
When someone is talking shit and they continue to run their mouth, and you beat the shit out of them and make them eat shit.
Guy 1: "Man's you're such a pussy"
Guy 2: Beats the shit out of guy 1 then makes guy 1 eat shit. Then Guy 2 says "Talk Shit, Eat Shit.
by crosk December 05, 2011
Another name for a hermaphrodite that frequently masturbates anally and pets V-Bears in him/her spare time.
Honey is that a guy or girl, no it is a Mr. Quiggles.
by crosk November 27, 2011
Floppy Dick Syndrome
When you run and your dick flops around uncontrollably
Tim: hold up I can't run anymore
John: why man?
Tim: I got f.d.s.
by crosk August 06, 2012
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