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A fully loaded iPad
Chris: I think the new Apple iPad is a great gift, but I want to make sure I get all the features.

Jessica: Go in to the Apple Store and tell them you want the MaxiPad.
by cromano115 January 28, 2010
21st Century destroyer of Jewish wealth.
That g'dam Madoff Hitler destroyed so much Jewish wealth and Jewish charities.
by cromano115 July 14, 2009
A bar or hotel frequented and or run by lesbians.
I was a little suspicious that my friend Jessica might be gay, but I confirmed it when I saw her and her friend from New Hampshire canoodling over a glass of wine in the village at a known Lesbi Inn
by cromano115 June 09, 2009
When you are with people or in a IB chat, and no one has anything to say.
Also applies to boring events.
I'm in a chat room with Santini and Brian, and they havent said a word in an hour. It's a real mummyfest.

I was at a party recently with some of the most boring people I ever met. What a mummyfest.

by cromano115 April 20, 2009
Food redistribution occurs after doing cocaine before a meal, and you are out to dinner with people who don't know. Since you can't eat, you shift food around to make it appear you are actually eating.
I suspected Craven might be doing lines, but I was convinced when I saw him doing food redistribution at Accapella. He didnt eat anything, he was just moving his food around.
by cromano115 April 02, 2009

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