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The coolest of the cool. In 1987, James Hetfield, lead singer/guitar player for metallica, was the embodiment of cool. Awesome personififed. Can be abbreviated as '87. Used by The Dillinger Escape Plan and others in the know.
That shirt your wearing is totally '87 Hetfield.
by crispen October 13, 2007
A condition where the subject types a word he or she hears while in an online instant messaging session. Kind of like when you're watching tv and on the phone and you repeat what you see on accident.
"blood clots, stroke, heart attack"
"sorry, i'm suffering from hearatypekitosis and i just saw an ad for medicine. those were the side effects"
by crispen February 03, 2008
After an especially disgusting fart, one might "fart spoon" those around them. This is where you wave your arm and scoop up the smell to throw at those around you. This is a true asshole move and usually results in the disgust of those around you. It occasionaly results in a brodown
Rodney fart spooned us the other night at the party, I just about puked!
by crispen October 14, 2007
1. contraction for "uber nerds"
2. uber nerds are usually found playing WoW or with their noses in a Star Wars novel
3. most uberds have never seen a woman naked
We were at the mall and we came across a whole group of uberds hovering around the computer store.
by crispen October 14, 2007
A kickass metal band from Findlay, Ohio. Currently writing new songs. They have played with lots of National acts. The myspace is www.myspace.com/regimentband To see them at a show is to fully experience them.
I saw Regiment the other night and I'm sore from the pitting.
by crispen October 13, 2007

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