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Kal Kat (pronoun) of The Kal Kat show on YouTube. Infamously unknown YouTube personality who makes occasional campy music videos or blog rants and is destined to be another well known net celeb, if the YouTube bots doesn't quit closing his channels. He has started over 3 times. Kat was most famous for a spoof of Star Trek and Justin Bieber last year. Name stands for Kalifornia Kat. Co-creator Marx Cards is never seen except in season opening highlights. Had posted several episodes under the show but moved them to two other channels under OLVSKATS and subscribers. Having to start over, he doesn't look as popular yet. His stuff is pretty funny most of the time but it's evident he has issues.
Tommy: "You ever see that insane Kal Kat of the Kal Kat show dance in that spoof he did?"
Dill: "Which one? He had three or four of those."
Tommy: "The Eminem spoof. I think he was high."
Dill: "Nah, I could tell he wasn't high. Just hyper.

Tommy: "He maybe thinks he's 16."

Dill: "Ha, maybe. But he's got to be like twice that. And he's like Rain Man."

Tommy: "Only way smarter and funnier."
by crinklykitt3232 June 18, 2011

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