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A place where hippies go after their flower power days to get high-paying jobs and raise their children. Gays and biracial families are the norm. The families that inhabit Maplewood are often transplants from the Park Slope/Brooklyn area. People in Maplewood believe strongly in Whole Foods, eco-friendly products, yoga, Starbucks and the newest technology. Practically no one is conservative, and parents practically feed their children liberal ideals, by doing things like sending them to Obama picnics. In Maplewood, everyone knows each other. And on a nice sunny day, the parks are typically crowded with toddlers, dogs, and pot smoking teenagers. The children of maplewood are typically grow into very spoiled individuals. Their student parking lot is nicer than the teachers, and everyone has macbooks, and the newest ipods. Weed and alcohol are consumed at an alarming rate. Despite this, Maplewood turns out some of the most sucessful and talented people. So many that the high school had to start its own hall of fame. Because of this, the surrounding towns are jealous and often resort to calling Maplewood things like "Maplehood" or "Gay-plewood".
Millburn kid: I wish I was cool enough to live in Maplewood.
by crimsonandclover April 05, 2009

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