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1. An action or a personality type that typifies egocentricity and/or self-serving laziness. A person who is a 'Crid' is exemplifed as one who lies on his resume, gets a great job and bullshits his way through life. Similar to a buster but reflected in a more positive, humorous light.
2. A negative action by another person.
Example 1:That Crid just kicks it in his office chillin all day while everyone just sings his praises.
Example 2: That bitch cridded my paycheck and docked me for being three minutes late!
by Cridicus Arelius June 21, 2005
The ultimate "nerd" or "geek". Not isolated to people with limited/poor social skills but also includes those with inflated senses of self-worth which thinly mask their deep self-loathing.

King of the Geeks has both positive and negative connotation.

Positive: Leader of Sport Fantasy League who understands all of the acronyms or "leader" of a super geeky group of people. These types are harmless and fun to laugh at/with.

Negative: Unsophisticated, inarticulate, unnattractive douchebags who invariably have a permanent "chip" on their shoulder and play out their life's frustrations on unsespecting innocent targets.
King of the Geeks (positive):

Jeff: "Dude, my fantasy baseball team is DESTROYING yours! I lead the league in BA, RBI's, OBP, OPS and SLG!!!! YESSS!!!!!

King of the Geeks (negative):

Candace is an unfortunately an eye sore whose outward offense is only matched by her inward void of a cavernous chill. She lacks intelligence, motivation, a sense of humor or any other redeemable quality. Oh and she's a total BITCH to everyone and complains incessantly.
by cridicus arelius August 12, 2009
A girl who is very attractive despite being somewhat rotund. Pretty face, thick body. Thuties would be hot if they lost a little weight.

Etymology of "thuty": Thick + Cutie
Crid: I've had a lot more success with thuties than with hotties in my day.
Crid: I'm gonna hit me some thuty snatch tonight fo sho!
by Cridicus Arelius July 06, 2005
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