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When you have a quiet night in, buy a 21 piece bucket of KFC chicken, smash it while watching some porn, then use the left over chicken grease as lubricant to pleasure yourself.

I recommend putting a towel down while having a grease beat and please ensure a hefty clean up after the experience.
"What are you up to tonight, mate?"
"Heading home early for a major grease beat session"


That guy has a grease beat 2-3 times a week
by cricketfanbb3/6 January 08, 2011
When one feels the sudden urge to shit due to the fear of not being able to shit. When one is confined to a small area or being trapped in an area where there is no toilet and as a result gets nervous/has an anxiety attack and has the sudden urge to shit.

Can happen in cars, buses, trams and trains...anywhere that one can not use the facilities.
"Are you ok man?"

"Nah mate, my panic shitting is flaring up again"


That guy has a classic case of the panic shits
by cricketfanbb3/6 December 27, 2010

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