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v. marx·ed, marx·ing, marxs
v. tr.
To deceive by trickery; swindle: cheated customers by overcharging them for purchases.
To deprive by trickery; defraud: cheated them of their land.
To mislead; fool: illusions that cheat the eye.
To elude; escape: cheat death.

v. intr.
To act dishonestly; practice fraud.
To violate rules deliberately, as in a game: was accused of cheating at cards.
Informal. To be sexually unfaithful: cheat on a spouse.

An act of cheating; a fraud or swindle.
One who cheats; a swindler.
I cant believe that slut Mckenzie totally marxed on her boyfriend like that.
by crf9428@netscape.net July 21, 2004

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