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1. bench warming
2. water boy
3. play basketball twenty-four seven
1 & 2. "Hey, is anyone doin' the mikee's today"
3. "Are you pro, do you mikee?"
by crew2010 March 06, 2008
The slang pronunciation of "Ruthless".

The term "Roofless" is used to define two (2) types of people:

1. Acknowledge someone who has the ability to make very harsh & demeaning personal insults against another person and not have any remorse, instead basking in the glory. (see example 1)

2. Praise a person before or after a dare, to whom the person is willing to take a huge risk that is highly embarrasing to themselves or another person. (see example 2)

When applied in a real-life situation, it is spoken or shouted AFTER the person has made the comment or accepted/completed the demoralising challenge (as given in the example).
Pronounced "roof" ~ "less"

Example 1:
Jack: Hey have you guys seen the new Terminator movie?

Daniel: No, but have you seen the one starring you in it?

Jack: What?


Everyone Else (to Daniel): ROOOFLESSSSSSS!!!!!

Example 2:
Everyone: Oy go steal that bottle of water and take a picture of yourself with it.

Jackson: I'm not going to do that...

Everyone: PUSSY!

Jackson: Everyone would know what that is... except Jack...

Everyone (except Jack): ROOFLESSSSSS!!!

Jackson: YOU KNOW WHAT, FINE! I'll steal it.

by crew2010 March 22, 2011
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