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A word originally used by white settlers upon first seeing africans. Astonished by these strange dark skinned, people, settlers often refered to these people as niggers, because the word nigger meant dead or decaying flesh. As we all know when we die our skin decays and turns dark black or brown. The word nigger was a common term for a dead decaying person back then. When at first seeing blacks, settlers were afraid and disgusted by the apperance of africans and because of this they used the term nigger to express their disgust, implying that africans looked "dead" or decayed. The spelling of this word has changed over time from niger to nigger, settlers even went as far as naming African countries after the orginal spelling of this word counries such as Niger and Nigeria, implying that the people of these contries looked dreadful, dead, or decayed.
and oh how horrible they looked, they looked like they were niggers they did!
by creole June 21, 2007

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