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a weird guy on youtube who attempted to break the world record for kicking his head over and over again. his videos are special, meaning "brain draining".
p1: " hey did you see the new deathmatter56 video?"
p2: " yeah, it sucked."
by creepy carrie April 23, 2009
the bastard cousin of deathmatter56. these videos are even stupider. don't waste your time watching them. it not only has deathmatter in them, it also has three other characters....fat chat star; brian, weird kid joey, and the forever emo channon. my advise, stay away from any lisence called "puesodo productions."
person 1: "i thought deathmatter56 was gay, but thecloakboy is like deathmatter56 on gay steriods."
person 2: " you actually watched it?"
person 1:"yes, i read about it on urban dictionary! i got curious!"
person 2:" curious for what?"
person 1: " shut up."
by Creepy Carrie April 24, 2009
okay, in your dream, you're in a field. then outta nowhere, a guy named tyler screams " it's my dream bitch!" at you. then you wake up totally confused and in a crack like daze. then to make yourself feel better, you listen to 20 straight hours of Ramones and the Cure.
person 1:"omg, i had the dream again."
person 2:"the really weird dream?"
person 1:"yeah, the on with the screaming guy!"
person 2:"what was he screaming?"
person 1:"it's my dream bitch!"
by Creepy Carrie April 25, 2009
a code word for an asshole.
person 1: did you see what that guy did to her?
person 2: yeah! he's a monkey eating yogurt!
by Creepy Carrie April 26, 2009
PBB stands for Play Boy Bunny. Only super immature guys use the term.
person 1:hey, look at that pbb!
person 2: you're gross!
by Creepy Carrie April 26, 2009
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