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The short version of "tomorrow" used a lot over texting.
(text message) hey ill pick u up tomor @ 3
#tomorrow #tomorow #tomarrow #texting #txt #text message
by CreeperStash March 12, 2008
just a way to get ahead.
Gambling- it's not wrong; just a way to get ahead.
#gambling #vegas #money #get ahead #gamble
by CreeperStash April 11, 2008
The act or ability to kick ass in an unbelievable way. Usually in reference to Jason Statham's character(s) in the movies Transporter or Crank.
Spencer: Jason Statham's kick assery in Transporter is pretty awesome.

Samantha: Tell me about it...
#kick #ass #kick ass #whooped #jason statham #kicking butt
by CreeperStash March 09, 2008
A thin, usually dark and greasy mustache just above the top lip, resembling that of a stereotypical Mexican person.

Usually those with a true "creeper stash" also carry a baseball bat while wearing Bermuda or Mormon shorts, and pop out of expectable locations ready to beat someone up.
The character of "Martin" played by Danny R. McBride in the 2007 movie "The Heartbreak Kid" is a perfect example of a creeper stash.
#creeper stash #creepy #heartbreak kid #mustache #creeperstash
by CreeperStash March 12, 2008
1. A phrase said to those displaying overly crazy and/or drunken-like behavior in public, much like that seen in Las Vegas.

2. Can also be said to someone who is flashing an undesirable part of their body.
1. Rachel showed her Vegas when she got hammered last weekend and annoyingly jumped in the pool with her clothes on.

2. When Britney attempted to get out of the car, a paparazzi yelled at her, "Your Vegas is showing!" and the cameras went crazy.
#las vegas #vegas #drunk #crazy #annoying #britney #showing vegas
by CreeperStash March 12, 2008
Mountain Lighting, the knock-off brand of Mountain Dew that tastes like horse piss. Often used in substitute of alcohol when playing beer pong because the effects are almost just as bad and because it's way cheaper.
-Wanna play some pong tonight?

-I'll get the mountain piss.
#beer pong #mountain dew #mountain lighting #piss #pong
by CreeperStash June 16, 2008
1. Said when 2 or more people are observing a hot person and debating whether or not they would "bang", or have sex, with him/her.

2. Also used when saying "do this..." or "put that in..."
1. Dude, I'd totally bang that chick over there.

2. Now, bang that pan in the oven on 350 for 20 minutes.
#put in #do this #bang that #bang this #do it #sex
by CreeperStash March 12, 2008
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