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1. A wishy-washy nouninzation of the adjective creative.

2. Generally used by self-loathing (mostly graphic) designers. This species of worker is often generally in an in-house design department or a more corporate setting. More likely to be middle- or upper-management. These individuals are often compensating for the lack of commitment to their discipline, employer, or any real creativity in their specific job.

3. Can be utilized any number of professionals who's job are often seen as über right-brained (photographers, illustrators, art directors, etc.) or those wishing them to be portrayed more so (marketers, interns, mail room attendants) and less like a left-brained corporate drone.
Esther has begun counting herself among the creatives since she took that corporate job in marketing at Sweat Shop Inc. But she just wants to make more money in the economic downturn.
by creativeNOTcreatives July 10, 2009

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