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full of globs and lumps
This paint I'm filtering is glumpy, full of globs and lumps!
by creatiffany March 02, 2008
noun. a friend who will call a good listener and speak non-stop, whether or not the callee can get a word in edgewise.
My monologue friend called last night. My monologue friend talked for an hour and a half. My monologue friend didn't even notice when I stopped talking; it didn't phase her/him. Monologue friends will keep on talking.
by creatiffany February 11, 2010
the sound of your ring tone starting over from multiple friends sending mass texts for the holidays
My phone was a broken textord for ten minutes before the clock struck midnight.
by creatiffany December 31, 2008

of a friendship existing in name only, the true value of the friendship is very small
We went to school together, we're on each other's myspace's and facebook's, but our relationship is frenominal.
by creatiffany March 30, 2009
When a television sucks you in
I was on vacation but never left the hotel room because the TV poltergeisted me.

by creatiffany July 11, 2008
cleaning to prepare for departure.
The family was getting ready to move again, so they cleaned their temporary home, also known as gypsy nesting.
by creatiffany December 24, 2014
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