2 definitions by crazyshit

a technique used by generations of attendees of Central High School, or almost any Philadelphia public school, where you skillfully use your foot to flush the toilet. Who knows what has been on that handle.
Person A: "Yo, have you ever been to the bathrooms?"
Person B: "They are nasty as shit bro!"
Person A: "I know right?! I don't wanna touch anything in there!"
Person B: "Totally, thats why I use the foot-flush. For some quality no-hand-flushing."
by CrAzYsHiT February 17, 2012
A really really slow community of kiss asses and loosers lookin to bone other loosers
I have been waiting for 10min for this profile of a hot babe with titties to load on friendster but I gotta blow soon.....
by crazyshit March 02, 2004

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