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An extremely hormonal crazed, psychotic human of the male specamin, who spends his free time lounging on the couch and treating perfectly wonderful girls like shit.
Girl 1: Wow, Kevin sure is cute!

Girl 2: No way, girl. He may be cute, but Kevin is a man.

Girl 1: Oh, God! (Gasps and regrets ever liking Kevin in the first place.) Never mind!
by crazymichaela February 24, 2010
A cruel, but regrettably not uncommon form of extreme torture given out by scaly, winged creatures otherwise known as teachers. As if these creatures did not torture us enough, they decide to extend this abuse into the victom's free time.
Teacher: Why did you not do your homework last night? You had pleanty of time!

Student: Oh, sorry, but I kind of have a life.

(Teacher whips Student and gives them more homework.)
That should teach you!
by crazymichaela March 15, 2010
1. A strong willed, independant, wonderful female who is beautiful in her own special way.
2. An extremely powerful force of nature which uses diplomatic and intelligent comebacks to ward off the opposing sex; the man.
Dude 1: Woah, that woman is pretty amazing.
Dude 2: You've got that right! She has some MAD SKILLS.
by crazymichaela February 24, 2010
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