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there are many kinds of monks...

there's an honorable one, little ones and ones that are in charge of the little ones...

they're supposed to be the good looking population... though no one likes to admit it. they live and die an honorable life, but are not destined to go to hell so they have a pure and easy life. would i love that!!!!!! but i'm not a guy

i didnt know they had to shave their head/hair, cos i thought they got to do anything with their own black(!!!) hair. so valuable! and they are soooo cute!! they look so... young and cute.

not only are they cool and can act but they are really good cooks!!! gee i'd love to be a monk, but there are many reasons why i can't be one -_-

and unlike many beliefs and desires, monks can just walk into anyone's house and perform an exorcism. ain't that great!!! and i dont even know what monks are anymore but i know one thing I LOVE THME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
never marry a monk

i want to marry a monk

monks are cool

monks suck
#monk #monkey #chimp #person #human #cute
by crazy_4_iu April 29, 2007
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