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Scottish word meaning 'shut up'. Used commonly in Glasgow, Highland, etc.
"Mum? Mummy? Mummy?! MUMMY?!"
"Weesht, I'm working."
by crazy.wild.free February 25, 2012
The term used by overly dramatic people when something thing doesn't quite go their way.
Normal person: Sorry, but you didn't get the part.
Overly dramatic person: Why oh why? Life is cruel! I HATE YOU!!!!
by crazy.wild.free February 26, 2012
Teeny tiny little village on the edge of Edinburgh.
Dude No.1: Dude, I'm going to Balerno.

Dude No.2: What, that really really little village near Edinburgh?

Dude No.1: Yeah.

DudeNo.2: Sad.
by crazy.wild.free February 26, 2012

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