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1 definition by crazinessrocks

little airheaded teens that obsess over unsubstantial stuff ranging from flashy clothing lines to cheap fanfiction to gay male celebs.
fangirl1: OMFG!!!!!!!111 JOE JONAS IS HAWT!!!!!!11
fangirl2: totally..... <3<3<3
fangirl3: back of girls, hez mine!!!!

fangirl1: have u read twilight??? isnt it so beautifully romanttic?????
fangirl2: ooh yes....smeyer is a genius
fangirl1: lyk, did u knw there r twihaters out there???
fangirl2: OMEC OMEC whtz wrong wid dem??? i'll get my vamps to kill them!!!!
by crazinessrocks September 01, 2010