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A college degree that cannot be applied to any useful career that would actually pay you enough money to survive. These degrees are usually recieved when students Major in such categories as History, Art History, and uncommon european languages.
Oh yeah, i spent eight years getting my idiot degree in history, turns out, theres no real jobs for that, im an idiot.

Bob said his kid is getting a masters in Ancient Slavic languages at Harvard. What an expensive way to get an idiot degree.
by crapple2011 May 27, 2011
A word used to describe users of Apple products that find them selves superior to other becuase they own these products. These individuals are often found at starbucks pretending to do work, and acting extremely smug.
Wow, look at that machindouche!

I once was a machindouche, and then i realized i have no friends.
by crapple2011 May 27, 2011
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