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I have barred my house to you. Ipso facto, you are not coming in by order of the head of this home.
Or a choice:
"Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori."-A Line from Horace later used by Wilfred owen in a WW2 poem, ipso facto, whats right is right and past be the past, I will too.
"In flagrante delicto-caught red handed- Ispso Facto, you are a coward hater, not family until your calm your shanangins down."

"The man told the trusting woman that they "men" were taking a mountian trip while she went home to her dying grandmother. Ipso Facto, he/she were lying to one another and not only with one but several college students the woman knew nothing about. Again Ipso facto, how many spawns may he have he deny's?
by crappaydieumJCND July 20, 2010

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