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When you order 70+ chicken nuggets after midnight, soak them in vodka or gin, and then get smashed by eating them
"Yo man, Mcdonald's has a sweet deal on nuggets tonight, wanna get nuggered with some vodka?"
by Cranksauce April 05, 2015
Often referred to as The Sports Network or Toronto Sports Network, it actually stands for Top Sports Network, or, more commonly, Tahiti Sports Network. Not only is this a more correct definition, it is also more schmiff.
I wish some people would stop defining TSN wrong. Everyone knows that its true definition is Tahiti Sports Network. Gosh.
by cranksauce October 11, 2011
A sad, failed attempt by a teenage guy to grow a goatee, usually in hopes of looking tough. Ends up resembling one that a girl might be able to grow. Definately not schmiff.
-Hey man, check this out! See this wicked goatee I'm growing?
-Nah, sorry, all I see is a litte girltee
by cranksauce December 09, 2010

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