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a annoying way of putting a heart online
mostly used by 15-17 year old girls who have nothing more to do than kiss boys that wear the same pants as them
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGO MOMGO MOGM i <3 his pants i want to kiss him
by craigums March 06, 2005
a super advanced version of <3
omOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG i <33 thats like x123123 more than a plain <3
by craigums March 06, 2005
a super advanced level of being stupid
fucking+stupid=fucking stupid ... get it?

if not your fucking stupid
by Craigums September 15, 2005
a code used by 14- 16 year old girls that has yet to be decoded.
Master order taker: may i take your order?

14 year old girl: LyKE OMG OMOGMOMGOMGOMGo11111!!!111
by craigums December 04, 2005
a scarf put on a kitty.. used when kittys get cold

also see a doggy scarf
PERSON 1: hey pussy, you cold?


PERSON1: go get a kitty scarf!
by craigums December 04, 2005
some one who masturbates.

along time ago in a land where we live, the catholic church said that everytime you masturbate god kills a kitten
guy 1: wanna go play some tennis?
guy 2: naw that hot stud across the street is going to go in the shower, i think im going to play the role of a kitten slayer
by craigums March 06, 2005
a scarf put specifically on a doggy also see kitty scarf
that doggy looks cold, better get him a doggy scarf!
by craigums December 04, 2005
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