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1 definition by craig hazel

everyone knows a girl like this . Term used for a ridiculously thick and annoying female . Cannot handle her drink - will claim it was spiked , cannot spell to save her life , will generally cling on to her boyfriends mates even after theyve split up , is pathetically glued to facebook and will appear in the friends lists of any guy you attempt to date , will embarrass you at any fancy dress party with a lame costume for example a bumblebee or also will embarrass you on any average night out with a white shirt and brown beads , dosent take hints AT ALL , never ventures out of local areas for drinking , regulary steals pencils and is in general a complete LOSER
lauren scudder , I FUCKING HATE THAT SCUDDER , erghhh scudder
by craig hazel August 15, 2008
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