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The ejaculate of a bro. Often found on the chest of other bro's.
"Hey bro, let's go to that club now"
"Isn't that the one with all the blacklights?"
"Dude, I've got your brogurt all over my face"
by Craig McRae August 15, 2006
the feeling one has when they want to shit, or fart (unknown) and are scared of what will come out if they try too hard.
see shart
"Dude, I’m going to the bathroom"
"I can't stand the sharticipation"
"what the fuck are you talking about?"
"I don’t know if I have to shit or fart, and I’d rather not figure it out here"
by Craig McRae July 18, 2006
The unfortunate consequences of an improperly executed fart lighting. This is where the noxious gasses ignite within the ass and create a terrible, terrible mess.
"Why are you in a wheel chair?"
"When I was a kid, I had a fart lighting mishap, caught some ass backdraft, and burnt the lower half of my body right off the bones."
by Craig McRae July 17, 2006
A hardon for your bro's.
A: "Hey bro, i've got the axe and the natti ice, did you bring the other essentials?"
B: "Yeah bro, i've got the gamecube and the black dildo"
A: "I've got such a bro-on right now bro"
B: "Yeah bro"
by Craig McRae July 26, 2006
When the penis is half way to an erection, or half way down from an erection.
"Hey, come look at this"
"Hold on, i'm in my boxers and i've got a hofty"
by Craig McRae July 07, 2006
1. The unbridled mane of one's buttocks. (see manscaping)

2. The area which a bum claims to be his own to collect his income. Bum turf may be, and usually is fought for. Many a bum have lost their turf due to drunkeness, or inability to stand their ground.
"Man my ass itches"
"I've got stubble because I just shaved my bum turf"

"There's broken glass, vomit and shit everywhere"
"Yeah, I saw a couple of guys fighting over their bum turf"

"Why do you need to share my bum turf?"
"Because I went back to mine, and found a couple of fags in my box, and I knew what they were doing because the velcro sound. It must've been the rubbing of bum turf on freshly manscaped crotch"
by Craig McRae July 11, 2006
Having visual and or meaningful characteristics that are wild, exaggerated, without restraint and jagged.
craig: look at that line of text, in an abstract sense it's a very rompous line of text
craig: i think i made up that word
david: it's a perfectly cromulent word
by Craig McRae November 21, 2008
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