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11 definitions by craig 119281

The act of closing one nostril with a finger and breathing outward forcefully through the nose, the increased pressure in the remaining nostril causing a hardened piece of phlegm (booger) to be ejected outward a great distance.
Watch this snot shot!
by Craig 119281 November 06, 2005
Used to describe the chill-like feeling in the back of the neck, upper shoulders and head that sometimes accompanies a headrush during marijuana smoking.
"Man, I've got the neckworms."
by Craig 119281 October 28, 2005
A variety of blotter acid that circulated in the mid 1980s printed with an image of the head of Bill the Cat from the comic strip Bloom County.
I don't have any purple microdot left, man, but I have a couple hits of crazy cat.
by Craig 119281 November 03, 2005
A stalemate or draw in a game of tic-tac-toe, often signified by drawing a large letter "C" across the game board.
"awww, its a cats game."
by Craig 119281 November 04, 2005