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As defined by Roger's Profanisaurus, a 'zig-a-zig-ahh' is to have a really good wank to a Spice Girls video.
Tony Blair: "Keep my seat, Gordon, I'm off for a quick zig-a-zig-ahh back in the office."
Gordon Brown: "Don't be long!"
Tony Blair: "I never am!"
by crackotage July 28, 2006
The best thing ever. Period. Only cool people like that show.

Only the most blessed of people can find it living deep within the murky bowels of that which is 'the world wide wizzeb'.

See; The best fucking thing ever.
'Oh my god there's a new Portable Ham out. I can't beleive his dad died of Cholera!'

'Yeah...and then his mom...dyed of the plague.'

'What the fuck? You poser.'
by Crackotage April 24, 2006

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