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Can refer to a slutty/non-slutty friend, who often leaves others/friends in the lurch.
1. Omg. This is the third time that he has left us hanging! Such a hoester.

2. At school, they call him -name eg Darren Hoester, he could never be relied upon to come to parties!
by cplnah August 20, 2011
A move/action to escape a grenade/ugly girl/girl.
1. That Hoester sure can move fast, he shiftied away from that chick so quickly! God knows why he'd do that.

2. Back in the army, we were taught to shiftyy away from a grenade if it fell in the pit.

3. "That girl isn't even 16 yet! Thank God I shiftied"
by cplnah August 31, 2011

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