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Japanese for "nipples"
chikibi ni yoru to, tenki ga samui soo desu.
"According yo my nipples, the weather is cold"
by coryinc September 26, 2006
The act of riding one's nose of nasal debris using only a nose, a lung and a finger.
Can be summarised in 3 quick and easy steps:
1. Block left nostril
2. Tilt head to the left slightly (to avoid debris)
3. Blow. Hard.
Repeat process for right nostril. Then repeat until mucus has been ejected from nasal cavity.
If bleeding occurs, consult your crack supplier.
Not blowing hard enough will result in mucus swinging back to hit you in the lip, cheek or possibly chin.
Not recommended for use in overly public or indoor areas.
Billy didn't have a tissue handy, but a quick bushman's blow was all that he needed to rid himself of that pesky snot flow.
by coryinc September 26, 2006
Bits of turd that fear the cold icy waters of the toilet, preferring to cling for dear life onto the hairs between your cheeks. Only found in males. If you find a chick with dingleberries, she's either a tranny or of Greek descent.
Bugger, the TP ran out before I could harvest the dingleberries from my arse fur.
by coryinc September 26, 2006
The Bible is a book, which, depending upon your views, can either be a guide on how to live life and be a good little Christian, or a book of lies, useful only for wiping your arse on.
Whichever view you take is up to you.
The world needs beliefs, and it needs faith. What it *doesn't* need, is a sect of religious fanatics who take what the Bible says literally, and lives according to how the Bible instructs them.
The Bible is not true. Everyone knows this. That's why people need to believe in it-- they need to have a way (regardless of how illogical and false it may be) to relate to God. Whether God is real or not, I don't know. The Bible is written by man, so that man, generations later, has something to believe in. It is mostly fictional.
I mean sure, two millenia ago there probably were 3 wise men who carried gold, frankinsence and myrrh. There probably was a Moses, and a David, and a guy called Adam and some chick named Eve... But... There's no way that old codger Moses parted the Red Sea (thats 206,901 cubic kilometres of water he allegedly moved aside!). There's no way Jesus turned water into wine (at least not without the aid of grapes and some fermentation apparatus), or created never-ending bread or some shit.
Yada yada yada, bla di bla di bla-- The Bible is good for invoking a sense of morals in people, and gives a good general guide on how life should be lived, but by no means should it ever be taken literally and followed to the letter. Unless of course you happen to me clinically insane or have an IQ below 60... Then you have a reason.
The Bible is a book which provides a quick guide on morals and personal ethics.

"If you live your life by the Bible, then I shall live by the Harry Potter series-- it's no different."
by coryinc September 28, 2006
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