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2 definitions by cornelius rutheford

to grab your urethra and peel your penis inside out to expose your urethra to fresh air, and then masturbate. a common masturbation technique used by primitive men who were not able to experience the use of a fleshlight.
Sally: Do you want me to jerk you off.
Fred: No, I'd rather you just shapleh me.
Sally: What's that?
Fred: It's when you flip my urethra inside out and jerk me off.
by cornelius rutheford August 16, 2009
A father with a family who is middle-aged, approximately 30-40 years old, and who wears urban outfits, such as but not limited to: small wool beanies, slim fit/straight jeans, stylish lifestyle shoes, hoodies/jackets, carries a backpack, has urban facial hair like a neatly trimmed beard, and thick framed glasses. To qualify as a dad he probably also has a kid or two with him.
Conor: Hey Bill, dude look theres an urban dad!

Bill: What?!?!

Conor: Look over there, that guys fucking urban! And he's got 2 kids! Look at his stylish pants and jacket, and those glasses! And check out that beanie!

Bill: Hahahahahahahah

Conor: Look here comes Urbski Jr.! Look, look! Urban dad!
by cornelius rutheford January 10, 2010