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a site that makes me lose hope in todays youth even though im a part of them.
i made some words at urbandictionary.com, but these kids are so messed up it sickens me...
by corndizzle September 23, 2004
said in the braveheart/little john song "quick to back down" i think it's a loose term for a pussy, aka softy, aka pansy, aka fag, aka Nick Turner (aha!jk), aka queer, aka homo...
listen to the song cause it is one sweet song homes
by corndizzle September 23, 2004
just the sweetest word ever. ever.
i love to say piss. flat out that
by corndizzle September 23, 2004
an up and coming team in the CFFL, one day they will own it...
Watch out for the Ogres, they cant be stopped
by corndizzle February 03, 2005
Alabama in Coonafide© terms.
Swizzle Hizzle Alabizzle
Where skizzles are blizzle®
by Corndizzle April 20, 2004
my name backwards...and nope im white
hey nooc is me for a dislexic bastard
by corndizzle January 25, 2005
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