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22 definitions by corn flake

v. to use to many large, complex words in a sentence. Also, to make too many obscure historical references in a sentence.
Dennis Miller: I don't want to go on a rant here, but the U.S. foreign policy makes about as much sense as Robert Fulton having sex with Beowulf at the First Battle of Antietam. I mean, when a neo-conservative defenestrates, it's like Rovslofski filibustered deoxymonohydroxinate.
by Corn Flake December 09, 2006
infamous vandal that vandalizes wikipedia by moving pages to the original title but with the addition of the phrase on wheels.
Willy on Wheels moved the page George W. Bush to George W. Bush on Wheels.
by Corn Flake November 05, 2006
noun- any high school class president election - ever.
Even though Joe was more fitting to be class president, John won solely because his good looks were enough to win a popularity contest.
by Corn Flake October 26, 2006
A long-running game show where two families try to guess what the "survey says" in order to win $20,000. Originally hosted by Richard Dawson, then by Ray Combs, then by Louie Anderson, then by Richard Karn, and finally is currently hosted by John O'Hurley.
John: Hey, did you see yesterday's episode of Family Feud?
Jack: No, I missed it. What happened?
John: The question was "Name something you feel before you buy it.", and some woman buzzed in and said "excited"!
by Corn Flake September 21, 2006
noun - an inground swimming pool.
entymology: from the Beverly Hillbillies show on tv used the term to describe their swimming pool.
Jethro: Hey Pa! I'm gonna take me a dip in the cement pond!
by Corn Flake October 28, 2006
noun - one of Borat's terms for sex. He pronounces it seck-see in-ter-corse.
Borat: When do I gain entry to her vagin?
Dating Specialist: Her what?
Borat: You know sexy intercourse?
Dating Specialist: Oh, you want to go to bed with her?
Borat: Yes! Sexy Time! (claps hands)
by Corn Flake October 22, 2006
to be eliminated from the amazing race. comes from the show's host phil keoghan who eeliminates the team in last place.
The other night on the amazing race some fat muslim guys were philiminated from the race.
by Corn Flake September 19, 2006