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3 definitions by corey kolvenbach

a sexual act in which your partner creates an insicion in the scrotum and then has you teabag them, after which a testicle is sucked through the opening.
its illegal in all fifty states to give the silver strainer to anyone.
by corey kolvenbach August 01, 2004
61 19
A cream based shot, usually Baileys, purchased at a bar for someone and then drank into the mouth of the buyer. At this point the shot is spit into the face of the recipient.
I bought Heather The Money Shot for her birthday cuz I said I would buy her a drink. Now she hates me.
by corey kolvenbach December 26, 2006
10 16
akin to a sphincter. used widely by lazy lamens dodging the extra effort of having to use all letters per word.
ah spincter says what?
by corey kolvenbach May 28, 2004
4 14