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1 definition by copout

a one headed 7 headed dragon. litteral translation means unstoppable.aincent greet term as a forgotten god.THAT SUEGOD WAS SO EVIL SHE WAS BANISHED FROM THE TITANS.zues:why cant we kill that sue?zues's wife:because she is suegod.no longer a court threat.now a death threat.jaime:hey what did you do sam?sam:i fucking sued him
ron tried and tried to slay the sue, but ron was killed instantly. watch out! its sue! call the national guard! o my sue, or what the fuck? also meaning what the sue? who was the missing titan?suegod ! that woman is so sue.whats with his mom? she is an evil woman.who's mom is that? satans.
by copout April 03, 2010