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Pissed-off Italian dude.
Benito Mussolini... why you so angry? Is it because all of your women are so hairy? Have a meatball.
by copernicusmike September 06, 2007
Believes there's a man in the sky... what more is there to say?
Christian: I'm a Christian

Non-christian: Dude... that sucks

Christian: Wha-? It's not a disease, if that's what you think.

Non-christian: *sobs* I'm so sorry!
by copernicusmike September 06, 2007
Jews are whiter versions of white people... they're smarter, with shitier hand-eye coordination.
Hi, I'm Jewish. Let me help you with your taxes.
by copernicusmike September 06, 2007
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