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When a person, usually a young male, starts playing the free online MMORPG Runescape again for a short amount of time, despite past attempts to quit the game.
Man1: Hey dude, where's Brian?
Man2: He's playing Runescape.
Man1: Didn't he quit that game a year ago?
Man2: I guess he had another runelapse...
by cootsified March 08, 2010
When somebody tells a joke, and another person almost immediately tells a much funnier joke about the same subject.
Nick: (Insert lame joke about Dan here)
Adam: (Insert funnier joke about Dan here)
Dave: Jokeslammed!
by cootsified March 22, 2010
Small bursts of seemingly random laughter shortly after hearing something extremely humorous, especially when you think about it again.
That was so funny, I'm still having laughtershocks from it!
by cootsified March 08, 2010

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