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the time between the posting of a definition on urban dictionary and the time that it actually registers on the website

note: this is the same as facebook purgatory, the time period between the making of a friend request and the time it is accepted
boy 1: ugh, i posted that definition like a week ago, why hasn't it gone on yet
boy 2: looks like your stuck in urban dictionary purgatory
by coolkid812 June 10, 2006
when a sexual relationship between two people gets serious enough that it can be entered under a facebook relationship so that everyone in the world can see
boy 1: so you mean that you hu with that girl again, dude this is like the third time in the last week
boy 2: yeah, we are getting pretty serious, i think we are about to become facebook worthy
by coolkid812 June 10, 2006
a girl that is the biggest bitch on the face of the entire universe, yet she still calls other people bitches. she snarls at people when she sees them, and people talk about her behind her back. the bitchocrite also feels like she owns everyone in the world, and her "friends" are her subjects, like she is the queen of the world.
that girl is such a bitchocrite, she just treats everyone like her doormat.
by coolkid812 April 22, 2006
before vacation a girl is looking very skinny and attractive, yet she goes to florida and comes back plump like a christmas goose. this is very similar to a ballpark frank hot dog, that plumps up when you warm it up
boy 1: yikes...she was so hot in february...and look at her now in april, shes fat! what happened?

boy 2: she went to florida and learned how to eat

boy 3: that bitch ball park franked
by coolkid812 April 22, 2006

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